Female Urethral Sling

A Female Urethral Sling is a narrow mesh band placed surgically below the mid urethra for permanent correction of female stress urinary incontinence. West Georgia Urology specializes in minimally invasive treatment of incontinence in females and offers many treatment options, which includes the latest surgical procedures. While a Urethral Sling is not indicated for all women with urinary incontinence due to the fact that there are many causes of this problem, it is a highly effective solution for women who have stress incontinence.


  • Stress Incontinence


The patient is given a spinal or general anesthetic in the operating room at the hospital. This operation is usually performed through a small incision that is made below the urethra, and two tiny incisions along the inner thigh. The entire operation takes less than one hour. The patient is able to go home on the same day as the procedure, and should notice an immediate change in the ability to control her urine.


  • Low complications and good success rates
  • Immediate improvement with urinary control
  • Out-patient surgery with short recovery time

Side Effects

Most patients will experience some pelvic discomfort and some swelling for a short time after the surgery, but this resolves soon. On occasion, a catheter will need to be placed in the bladder for a few days until some of the swelling goes down. It is rare that the sling may need to be revised. With placement of any prosthetic device, there is always a risk of infection, however, this rarely occurs.

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