Penile Implants

A penile implant is a surgically placed prosthetic device, used for the permanent correction of maleerectile dysfunction (ED). West Georgia Urology uses the American Medical Systems devices. This particular procedure is not indicated for all patients; there are many other treatment options for men with ED. However, for the men where less invasive treatments have failed, the penile implant is a satisfying and highly effective option.



  • Erectile Dysfuntion
  • Peyronie’s Disease with ED
  • History of Priapism with ED
  • Medication Therapy Failure



The patient is given a spinal or general anesthetic at the hospital in the operating room. The operation is usually performed through one or two small incisions, and the device is then placed inside the penis, with the control pump being placed inside the scrotum. The operation in its entirety takes about an hour and the patient is able to go home the next morning. The device is activated four to six weeks after the operation.



  • Permanent correction of erectile dysfunction
  • Does not interfere with orgasm or ejaculation
  • Ability to have an erection as long as you desire
  • Low complications and good success rates
  • One-time expense for procedure (compared to cost of medications montly)


Side Effects

For several weeks after the operation, most patients will experience some swelling. This soon resolves, and then the device can be activated. There is a risk of infection following the placement of any prosthetic device, but this rarely occurs. Most penile implants are functional for many years, but over time the implant may need to be revised or replaced.

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